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We believe a survival kit, bug out bag, bob, inch kit, 72 hour kit... whatever you want to call it is something you build not buy. Only you know your situation and what you need so only you could properly prepare for the situation you will face. Most of America wants simplicity and compromise survival in the process. Additionally, most of the kits available on the market today are built in China and designed to be marketed, not made to last, to sell not survive.

You wouldn't rely on China to keep your family safe so why rely on their products? Truly your 72hr kit could kill you if you don't know what you have in it, how to use it and know you can rely on it. When was the last time you actually tried to use that orange trash bag they included in the kit as it was intended, a tent? Really??? That wouldn't last a minute in the rain or wind. At Kitology, we'll help you find and build a kit for your needs. Call or email us with questions or to simply leverage the years of direct experience we have.