Seller Tools & Tutorial

It's simple to create an account and list your products. Click on the links below for details on each step.

  1. Creating an Account
  2. Adding a Product
  3. Editing an Existing Product
  4. Updating Inventory
  5. Viewing Orders
  6. Transaction History
  7. Contact Admin

Creating an Account

1) Place your mouse pointer on the ‘Sellers’ dropdown menu, then click ‘Register as Seller’.

2) Enter your information into the Create Seller Account form, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the Submit button.

(If you already have a Buyer Account, you can create a Seller Account by clicking on ‘Become a Seller’ from the left panel.)

My Profile
1) Click on the ‘My Profile’ tab on the left panel to bring up your store information.
2) Enter your Store Name, which should have no spaces between words. (This will be your custom URL.)
3) Enter your State, Country and Contact Phone Number.

4) Description: Enter a description of your store, which will be seen by customers, including the types of items you sell.
5) Store Logo & Banner: Click ‘Choose File’ and browse your computer to find your logo image.

To ensure your storefront design is the most professional, please download two Photoshot template files "Store Logo" and "Store Banner"

6) Enter your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn IDs for your business.
7) Meta Keyword: Enter a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your product. Meta Keywords will help improve your page rank on search engines.
8) Meta Description: The meta description is designed to provide a brief description of your product which can be used by search engines or directories.

9) Payment Method: Provide payment method information. If you are using PayPal, enter the Paypal ID.
10) Finally, Check the box that says "Display your profile link..." and then click on Save Profile.

Adding a Product

Sign into the Seller Dashboard by placing your mouse pointer on ‘Sellers’ then clicking on ‘Seller Login’.

Click on 'Manage Products' from the left panel.
Click on 'Add New Product' to fill out the details of your product.

Click on Continue to add a regular product. For downloadable or configurable products, you would use the dropdown.

Selecting a Category
If you cannot find a category that your product belongs to, try clicking on the + next to the categories to see subcategories. If you still can't find the category, choose the category that most closely matches your product or choose the More category.

General Details
Fill out the name, description, short description, weight and SKU for your product.  You can create any SKU for the product, as long as it’s not already taken.

Setting the price
The 'Price' is the regular price for the product.
The special price is not required. However, if the item is on sale for a discounted price, you can enter a 'Special Price' along with From and To dates for the sale.

Shipping Method
1) Select Default Country: Where seller is located.
2) Select Shipping Method: (Free or Shipping Cost) If one selects Shipping Cost, then two fields will be displayed to enter the national and international shipping price for that product. If shipping cost is selected, the shipping amount will be sent to the seller for the order.

Click ‘+Add Image’ then ‘Browse’ to find and select an image to upload from your computer. You can add multiple images to display on the product page. Click ‘Set as base image’ for the image you would like to use as the main image.

Enter the Meta Title, Meta Keywords & Meta Description for your item. Search engines use this data when adding pages to their search index.
Enter the quantity (Qty) of the item you are selling and the Stock Availability.

Custom Options
This section is for products that have multiple options, such as size or color.
1) Add New Option: Enter a title for the label, such as ‘Size’. Then select the input type, such as dropdown. Set ‘Is Required’ to Yes, and the customer will need to make a selection before purchasing. To control the sequence of the options, enter a number for each option to determine its place in the sequence.
2) Add New Row: Enter a title for the variation, such as ‘Small’. If applicable, enter the Price of the variation as a markup or markdown from the base price of the product.
3) Set price type to Fixed or Percentage.
Fixed: Sets the price of the option to a fixed amount, such as $1.
Percentage: Sets the price of the option to a percentage of the base price of the product, such as 10%.
4) Enter the SKU for the option. The option SKU is a suffix that will be added to the SKU of the main product.
5) To control the order of the options, enter numbers in the sort order fields, with 1 being the top of the list.

Editing an Existing Product

1) Sign into the Seller Dashboard by placing your mouse pointer on ‘Sellers’ then clicking on ‘Seller Login’.

2) Click on 'Manage Products' to view your list of products.
3) Click the ‘Edit’ button (pencil icon) to the right of the item you would like to edit.

4) Make your changes to your listing, then click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the window.

Updating Inventory

1) Sign into the Seller Dashboard.
2) Click on 'Manage Products' to view your list of products.
3) Click the ‘Edit’ button (pencil icon) to the right of the item you would like to edit.

4) Scroll down to the Inventory section and edit the Quantity and/or Stock Availability fields.
5) Click the Submit button.

Viewing Orders

1) Sign into the Seller Dashboard, then click the ‘Orders’ tab. The order details will be displayed with Order #, Product Details, Product Price, Earned Amount, Status and Order Date.
2) Click the ‘View’ link to see the full details of the order.

Transaction History

Click on the Transaction History tab to view information regarding payment, such as Transaction id, Order id.
Earned Amount, Admin Commission, Paid On, and Payment Status. If the seller receives the payment then she/he has to select the ‘Click to Acknowledge’ link to acknowledge the received payment.

Contact Admin

You can contact the admin by email by filling out this form. Please be sure to fill out the ‘Subject’ and ‘Message’ fields.